ADD Light Controllers

To order the light controller (louvre or lens) for a specific ADD luminaire – specify the alphanumeric code below followed by the ADD unit catalogue number.
The main choices are:

  • /K12    K12 Prismatic Lens – Lay in
  • /K19    K19 Prismatic Lens – Lay in
  • /Y5    Y5 Clear Reeded Lens – Lay in
  • /MK12    K12 Prismatic Lens – Mini frame
  • /MK19    K19 Prismatic Lens – Mini frame
  • /MY5    Y5 Clear Reeded Lens – Mini frame

F33328/K19 – ADD Exposed T-Bar with K19 lay in lens

ADD Series

Convertible Luminaire – Surface Mounted, T-Bar, Recessed

Irrespective of which Light Controller is originally supplied any of a variety of choices can be substituted at a future time to suit changing visual task requirements
The Famco ADD range of luminaires has been designed to meet the ever changing needs of buildings. Each luminaire can without modification, be fitted with drop in prismatic lens or a hinged framed prismatic lens.
Strong metal body fabricated from zinc coated steel with white powder coated finish.


  • Electronic control gear
  • Flex and plug
  • Fused terminal block


  • Lay in Lens
  • Lens in a lay in hinged frame
  • Dimming options
  • Air slots
  • Emergency Control Gear
Surface Mounted
F331142x14W T5
F331242x24W T5
F331282x28W T5
F331542x54W T5
F3314144x14W T5
F3314244x24W T5
F3314284x28W T5
F3314544x54W T5
Plaster Recessed
F332142x14W T5
F332242x24W T5
F332282x28W T5
F332542x54W T5
F3324144x14W T5
F3324244x24W T5
F3324284x28W T5
F3324544x54W T5
Exposed T-Bar
F333142x14W T5
F333242x24W T5
F333282x28W T5PDF | IES
F333542x54W T5
F3334144x14W T5
F3334244x24W T5
F3334284x28W T5
F3334544x54W T5