Premium Exit

LED Exit Series

The new Premium LED Exit series adopts a modern, clean design with a combination of curves, straight lines and a unique pure glass effect for the diffuser. The result is a cost effective exit that complements modern interiors. A design without concession, which does not forget functionality.

Highly energy efficient the Premium LED Exit series uses up to 70% less energy than a conventional fluorescent solution.

Manufactured to Famco’s highest standards our LED Exit signs are a cost effective solution to AS2293 standards. The long life LED lamps provide improved reliability resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Maximum Viewing Distance 24M.

* Replace Asterix with Direction Decal required. eg. /RS (straight ahead decal)
Wall Mounted Surface
F9961/*Single Sided Exit
Ceiling Mounted
F9962/*Double Sided Exit
F9963/*Single Sided Exit
Ceiling Mounted – Bracket
F9962/BCM/*Double Sided Exit
F9963/BCM/*Single Sided Exit
Wall Mounted – Bracket
F9962/BWM/*Double Sided Exit
F9963/BWM/*Single Sided Exit