• Merchandising Luminaire


Merchandising Luminaire

Reflector fluorescent Trunkline luminaires designed to be mounted on Famco continuous aluminium trunking. Luminaires can be mounted and fixed anywhere along the trunking with built in toggle lever.  Luminaires have upward light provision.

Famco aluminium trunking accommodates circuit wiring and Famco Trunkline series of luminaires. Trunking can be surface mounted or suspended. Steel wire suspensions can be located anywhere along the length of the trunking using sliding brackets provided. Height adjustment is external.

F132142x14W T5
F132282x28W T5
F132362x36W T5PDF | IES
F132542x54W T5
F13000Trunking 4500mm
F13001Wire Suspension 2500mm
F13002Trunking Fish Plate