Master Minder

Supervising Control Unit (FXSCU6)

The MasterMinder system (FMX system) is controlled and monitored by a Supervising Control Unit (SCU). The SCU monitors the system constantly without a computer. A computer is only required to program tests, analyse data, and add or delete luminaires.

The system is supplied with a complete Windows based software package and instructions allowing for easy operation of the system, including diagnostics, commissioning, additions, deletions and testing.


  • USB port interface
  • RS232 port interface
  • Internal power supply
  • LCD display
  • Manage up to 4095 fittings on one SCU
  • Manage up to 254 Intelligent Transponder
    Units (ITUs) on one SCU
Cat No.Description
FXSCU6Supervising Control Unit (SCU)
FXITU-1/3Intelligent Transponder Unit (ITU)
FAXUDS10Network LAN connection
FCOMPPersonal Computer for Master Minder system


All public and large buildings require the installation of approved emergency lighting equipment. Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2293 stipulates that the equipment be tested regularly, batteries fully discharged, all units maintained in operating condition and a record kept of all tests.


Using advanced computer technology each MasterMinder emergency luminaire incorporates state of the art electronics to test, monitor and report on the critical functions of the luminaire. Testing is initiated from a Supervising Control Unit (SCU). Test results are reported back to the Supervising Control Unit (SCU) and PC.

Operating Software

  • Visual identification of products
  • Coloured representation of commissioned and tested units
  • Graphical view of fitting status