Maximum Viewing Distance 24M.

Flexit LED

LED Tamper Resistant Exit Luminaire

The Flexit tamper resistant exit luminaire is designed specifically for institutions where there is a concern inmates may do harm to themselves or others.


  • Tamper resistant snake eye screw
  • Thin flexible, featherweight diffuser resists breaking, tearing or cracking and is virtually harmless instrument if dislodged.
  • Thick 6mm polycarbonate panel between metal flange and lamp prevents entry to fitting in the unlikely event that the diffuser is dislodged.
  • Maximum viewing distance is 24M
  • Easy installation – fast fit bracket & connector
  • Generous terminal connectors
  • Nickel Cadmium cells


  • Surface mounted version
  • Single sided or Double sided
  • Variety of decals

Maximum Viewing Distance 24M.

F9912V/RM/*Flexit Recessed Exit
Ceiling Mounted
F9912V/SM/Flexit Surface Mounted Exit