• Fluorescent Batten


Fluorescent Battens

Plain formed batten, manufactured from zinc coated steel, finished in white enamel. Units are fitted with Electronic T5 Ballasts. Selected units are also available with wire guards, prismatic diffusers or wide bodies.


  • Matching self contained emergency units are available.
Bare Batten
FT11141x14WPDF | IES
FT11281x28WPDF | IES
FT1128J1x28W Wide BodyPDF | IES
FT12142x14WPDF | IES
FT12282X28WPDF | IES
Wire Guard
FT1114W1x14WPDF | IES
FT1128W1x28WPDF | IES
FT1128JW1x28W Wide BodyPDF | IES
FT1214W2x14WPDF | IES
FT1228W2x28WPDF | IES
Prismatic Lens
FT1114P1x14WPDF | IES
FT1128P1x28WPDF | IES
FT1128JP1x28W Wide BodyPDF | IES
FT1214P2x14WPDF | IES
FT1228P2x28WPDF | IES