Texentium LED Highbay

An energy saving LED highbay suitable for general industrial and retail applications.

Ideal for warehouses, factories, storage facilities and shopping/retail centres.


  • Innovative heat sink and on board Thermal Management Control (TMC) ensures protection, long life of driver and LEDs
  • Great energy saving solution against traditional Metal Halide highbays – up to 58% more energy efficient
  • Long life LEDs (L70 @ 50,000 hours) reduce maintenance costs
  • LEDs provide instant light when compared with HID lamps
  • Wide (WD) optical distribution ideal for warehouse installations
  • Rated at IP65 protection and a Ta rating up to 40°C making it suitable for industrial environments
  • Supplied complete with 3 pin flex and plug for ease of installation
Cat No.Colour Temp.LumensWattagePhotometrics