• Overbed Light Fluorescent/LED

Wing Overbed Light

Linear Fluorescent / LED

Wall mounted linear fluorescent overbed light with uplight and downlight components. Ideal for hospital ward applications.

The Wing Luminaire can be finished in many powder coat enamelled colours or anodised Silver, Gold or any chosen colour, for projects. The standard colour is White. The “Wing” is designed for easy installation. It is provided with an easily fixable wall mounting plate which also retains an electrical connector. The main luminaire is simply plugged into a connecting matching plug and clipped onto the wall plate, making installation easy and alterations simple.

The “Wing” can be made as a wall mounted uplighter or uplighter and downlighter for lobbies or other areas where interesting lighting with elegant luminaires is required.

As an overbed light the “Wing” provides the three main functions required for such tasks.
Excellent uplighting/wardlighting with no objectionable glare of background wall. (usually switched from control panel or wall switch).
Excellent glare controlled patient light – usually switched from control panel or cord switch and relay.
Night light – for observation, reading of thermometer, medication label etc.switch mounted on luminaire or control panel

Available Options:    

  • /CYAN – 18W/37W T8 Hospital Lamps for Cyanosis Observation (Ra = 92, COI <1.5)
  • /LEDW – White LED light for patient observation, reading of thermometer, medication labels, etc. without disturbing patient.
  • /LEDG – Green LED night light
  • /S – Multiple circuiting to allow separate switching of uplight, downlight, LED reading and LED night light (nominate lamps of LEDs to be separately switched).

Wing Overbedlight Joiners

  • Joiner sections are available to connect individual Wing overbed lights. The joiner sections can be used for gas or other services.
F9842/1361x36W T8 up + 1x36W T8 down
F98428/1281x28W T5 up + 1x28W T5 down
F9843/1181x18W T8 up + 1x18W T8 down
F984141x14W T5 up + 1x14W T5 down